Housing Land Supply - Scotland

Local authorities are required to conduct an annual survey of the housing land supply, the Housing Land Audit, to determine completions within the timeframe and update forecasts of the housing land supply. This, in turn, helps inform land releases within the Local Development Plan process and ongoing development management decisions. A five-year effective housing land supply is required at all times.

This dataset contains full details - where available - of site references, completions and remaining supply. Further details of greenfield/brownfield status, tenure, effectiveness (deliverable within the period), constraints, planning details/status and developer are also provided where available.

The datasets have been drawn from a variety of sources, including comprehensive regional datasets (ClydePlan) and the joining of spatial and tabular data. This includes allocated and planned sites, which typically have fuller details of forecast phasing (etc) and also "windfall" and small sites (where included), which may be one-off rather than longer-term developments, with less detail. Some of these sites lack spatial geometry and have been represented by a square buffer on a recorded X/Y easting/northing, based on site size, if this information is available.


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This dataset was amalgamated, optimised and published by the Spatial hub. The following quality assurance checks and corrections are carried out on the data: - Polygons are dissolved/ aggregated by key name and local authority. - The minimum polygon area allowed in the data is 5 square metres - Checks for invalid geometry types - The maximum angle for any spikes is 3 degrees - Any duplicate geometry is removed from the data - Duplicate key names for polygons are not removed - Polygons with no key names are not removed - Checks for basic geometry i.e. self-intersection Please contact spatialhub@improvementservice.org.uk for more details.