Vacant and Derelict Land - Scotland

The Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey is a national data collection undertaken to establish the extent and state of vacant and derelict land in Scotland. The survey has been operating since 1988. This survey is associated with the Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Fund, under which cash allocations are made to local authorities.

Every year the Scottish Government Communities Analytical Services produce a comprehensive national survey based on data collected and processed from all Local Authorities and Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Authority. The Spatial Hub takes this survey data and joins it (using site ID) to the polygon site information provided by local authorities.

To create this dataset we have taken all of the spatial data provided by councils and checked by the Scottish Government for the current survey year (2020 published in 2021) and combined it to this year's statistical survey (using the site reference). However: - where local authorities have not provided spatial data for the current year, their previous spatial data return has been used. - where there is no spatial data at all for sites we have buffered the easting and northing provided in the survey, to create a circular polygon area for a site.


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This dataset was amalgamated, optimised and published by the Spatial hub. The following quality assurance checks and corrections are carried out on the data: Polygons are dissolved/ aggregated by key name and local authority. The minimum polygon area allows in the data is 5 square metres Checks for invalid geometry types The maximum angle for any spikes is 3 degrees Any duplicate geometry is removed from the data Duplicate key names for polygons are not removed Polygons with no key names are not removed Checks for basic geometry and self-intersection Where a polygon overlaps a local authority boundary (or any other input data) by up to 0.2m we will snap this to the boundary. Where a polygon has a gap of 0.2m to a local authority boundary (or any other input data) we will snap this to the boundary. All corrections and issues are captured and communicated via Quality Assurance report maps. Please contact for more details