Street Furniture - Scotland

In November 2004, Audit Scotland published a document entitled ‘Maintaining Scotland’s Roads’, effectively introducing a requirement on local authorities in Scotland to produce a Roads Asset Management Plan (RAMP). Following this publication, The Society of Chief Officers for Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS) produced a common asset management framework through which all local authorities could develop their own RAMP. Street assets/furniture are a key part of the RAMP and as such a requirement exists for a national dataset of information. This can include (although is not limited to) features such as bollards, road signs, barriers, parking bays, bus shelters, cattle grids, gates, street lighting columns, benches/seats, information boards, dog/litter/grit bins, cycle stands, ticket machines etc. etc.

We are currently only including furniture types that have been provided by more than one council. These are: Benches, Bollards, Bus Infrastructure, Cattle Grids, Traffic Light Controllers, Barriers, Bridges, Cycle Parking, Dog Litter Bins, Electric Vehicle Charging Points, Snow Gates, Grit Bins, Litter Bins, Memorials, Pedestrian Crossings, Street Lighting Columns, Traffic Calming, Traffic Signals, Traffis Signs, Weather Stations and Water Related Structures (e.g. grates and grills)

We understand that some local authorities are loading this data into the VAULT system. We will work with the team managing the system to ensure that there is one definitive list in the future.


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