Land Ownership - Scotland

Local authorities are large owners of land, much of it not captured on the current Land Registry due to it not changing hands in the last 40 years. Many do not have up to date records of the extent of their land ownership, and as such there is no definitive records held. This dataset is trying to collect what information does exist to provide an indicative extent of land owned by Local Authorities. This is NOT indemnified Registers of Scotland land ownership extents. Some of it is derived from sale of land based on historical ownership, but it should not be used for decision making, it is designed as an aid to assist interested parties in identifying where to start their enquiries. If in doubt please contact the relevant local authority or Registers of Scotland.


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This dataset was amalgamated, optimised and published by the Spatial hub. The following quality assurance checks and corrections are carried out on the data: - Polygons are dissolved/ aggregated by key name and local authority. - The minimum polygon area allows in the data is 25 square meters - Checks for invalid geometry types - The maximum angle for any spikes is 3 degrees - Any duplicate geometry is removed from the data - Polygons with no key names are not removed - Checks for basic geometry i.e. self-intersection Please contact for more details.



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